I need a place to share my thoughts; those that have grown more and more intertwined with civics and politics as it becomes an ever-increasing entity, an encumbering force if you will, within each one of our lives. I won’t bore you with my educational background or stories from my upbringing.

There’s no time for that.

I’m proud to say I am an everyday, common American and the U.S. Constitution is the greatest document ever constructed to govern man. I am blessed to live in a country that was founded by taking direction from notable, historical milestones and heeding the wisdom from the greatest philosophers the world has ever seen; men who had a deep, sinuous understanding of what makes man tick and formulated a system for these in which to govern.

I am greatly, deeply, in my heart-of-hearts concerned about the health and welfare of the United States of America. We must change course or our society, as we known and grown to love, will perish.

History has shown that the gross apathy of a citizenry combined with tyrannical, self-indulging governmental forces ultimately results in the destruction of civil societies. The modern-day writing is on the wall. There’s no disputing that America is walking the path of self annihilation.

Let’s help stop it one letter, one word, one sentence at a time. Open up your mind. Study the basic tenants governing our country. Walk with me to heal and regain our sense of greatness.

– We’re All In This Together –